Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages

Beautiful beaches, cozy hill stations, serene backwaters, and captivating waterfalls surrounded by dense forest—where do you want your honeymoon to be? Can’t choose one among them? Why not choose all of them? You might be thinking, How is that possible? How can you visit so many different landscapes together? Well, pack your bags and get ready for your romantic honeymoon in Kerala!

Go Around the Globe’s honeymoon tour packages in Kerala are the answer to everything newlyweds are looking for—the unadulterated beauty of nature, serene landscapes, and cozy destinations to spend quality time together. Kerala is a strip of land sandwiched between the mighty Western Ghats mountain ranges and the beautiful Arabian Sea and is blessed with one of the most exquisite mixes of landscapes. This unique mix of different landscapes makes Kerala, the ‘god's own country’, a place everyone should visit once in their lifetime. But what can you expect on your romantic journey to the land of coconut palms? Here, you can find out!


Why should you visit Kerala for your honeymoon?

Kerala has been a paradise for honeymooners across the world for several decades now, but even with so much popularity, Kerala has never been too crowded and has always remained serene and full of life for explorers and lovers. The 590-km-long coastline of Kerala consists of some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in India, with shores full of coconut palm trees and pretty cafes, and on our Kerala honeymoon tour packages, you will be having the most wonderful time of your lives on these pretty beaches.

Compared to overcrowded Goan beaches, Kerala’s beaches are far more serene and isolated, making them the perfect choice for newlywed couples who want to take quiet walks and enjoy a beach dinner in peace. But if you are more of a ‘mountain person’, Kerala’s Wayanad, Munnar, and Thekkady are all hill stations of Kerala that leave you spellbound with their beauty. Here, resorts nestled in the middle of dense rainforests and tea plantations will be the perfect place to spend time closer to your spouse and immerse yourself in the alluring beauty of the mountains covered in mist.

Kerala is also home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in India, such as the Athirapalli Falls. But most of all, Kerala is known for its stunning backwater locations and houseboat rides through these intricate waterways. If these aren’t reasons enough for you to visit Kerala on your honeymoon, our honeymoon tour packages in 2024 will allow you to customize your trip through Kerala and create your own curated romantic itinerary!


Venice of the East

The romantic waterways of Venice in Italy is world-renowned, but the Venice of the East, Alleppey in Kerala, is much more vibrant, with shores lined with palm trees and small islands in rivers full of mesmerising flora and fauna native to Kerala. Kumarakom is another popular backwaters destination in Kerala. The riverside resorts at these destinations have many activities, and one of the must-do activities in Venice of the East is a romantic houseboat ride. The luxurious houseboats of today are a modified version of the traditional ‘kettuvallam’ used to transfer people and goods through these waterways.

Today you can stay, enjoy romantic dinners, and cruise around lakes and rivers in these houseboats. You can also enjoy Kerala’s cultural art forms, such as kathakali and mohiniyattam, with the serene backdrop of palm trees reflecting in the water as the sun paints the sky in vivid colours. The backwaters are a unique landscape only Kerala can boast of, and with our honeymoon tour packages from India, you can experience this once-in-a-lifetime destination with your partner and weave memories that never fade.


Hill stations of Kerala

Another highlight of our Kerala tour packages for couples is the foggy and mystical hill stations of Kerala. Munnar and Wayanad are known for their beautiful resorts nestled in the middle of tea plantations, dreamy peaks, lakes, waterfalls, little streams, and natural pools. This tranquil haven that smells of tea spices is nothing but perfect for honeymooners who want a low-key, laid-back experience. Here you can visit the exciting local attractions, take a long walk through the endless tea gardens, enjoy a dip in small streams, and huddle together in a cozy cafe drinking hot tea or chocolate when the weather gets too chilly.


Beaches of Kerala

As we mentioned before, the 590-km-long coastline of Kerala is rich with beautiful beaches that are untouched for the most part. Unlike any other beach destination in India, the popular beaches in Kerala, such as Kovalam and Varkala, are more laid-back and crowd-free, which is why they are a paradise for couples who are in search of quiet shores and beautiful sunsets.

You can arrange a romantic candlelight dinner for your partner and enjoy lazy afternoon walks, ending your day with spectacular sunsets that wash over your faces like a rain of gold, or not, because even though it is much quieter than the beaches in Goa, it doesn’t mean an absence of nightlife. Varkala has a dynamic nightlife that can make your honeymoon vibrant with neon lights, not to mention the mouth-watering seafood cuisines and beach cafes. To make your trip to Kerala totally hassle-free, we also arrange Kerala honeymoon packages with flight bookings.


The rich culture of Kerala is something that you can only experience if you visit this land yourself. Art and culture are so intertwined with each other here, so it would be difficult to distinguish one from the other, but they are fascinating all the same. Traditional performance art forms such as Kathakali and Mohiniyattam are captivating, and traditional Kerala murals are something every couple needs for their new home. If you are an adrenaline-junkie couple, Kerala has all the adventures you wish for too. Watersports such as kayaking, surfing, rafting, parasailing, scuba diving, and snorkelling on the one hand and trekking, mountain climbing, cycling, paragliding, camping, and wild safaris on the other hand.

Kerala cuisine and hospitality are another unmistakably precious part of any Kerala journey. People are welcoming and helpful here, and the local way of life will fascinate and inspire you to live closer to nature. The rich cuisine of Kerala features a unique blend of spices, seafood, coconut goodness, and the rich trade and colonial history of Kerala. Iconic dishes like the Kerala sadhya and Malabari biriyani will bring back sweet memories to your taste buds long after your honeymoon.




So, are you ready for your honeymoon trip to Kerala? If yes, check out our ‘Kerala honeymoon packages for 3 nights 4 days’ and prepare for a week to remember forever in the gods’ own country. Not too much time to spare in Kerala? No worries, you can look into the compact Kerala honeymoon packages for 2 nights 3 days. From hill stations to beaches, from beaches to backwaters, travelling across Kerala and jumping to completely different landscapes within this green tropical paradise is extremely easy, which is one of the reasons why Kerala is unlike any other place on earth.

Here, you can weave your love, strengthen your connection with one another, and have the perfect beginning for a new journey in life. From the historic lanes of Kochi to the hilltops of Munnar, and from the waterways of Alleppey to the warm waves of Varkala, Kerala will never seize to amaze you. So if you are ready to begin that brand-new chapter of life with your partner in this slice of paradise, connect with us and learn more about our customizable Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages.


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