Guna Cave: A mysterious cave in Kodaikanal to visit in your weekend

One of South India’s most loved hill stations, Kodaikanal is known for its beautiful forests, cliffs, lakes, waterfalls, and stunning landscapes, but most of all, Kodaikanal is famous for its illusive Guna caves. Named after the Kamal Hassan classic “Guna”, the Guna caves and the iconic ‘kanmani anbodu’ song are now revived through the new superhit Malayalam movie “Manjummal Boys”. The movie depicts a real-life incident that took place years ago in the Guna Caves. The mesmerising beauty, danger, adventure, and mystery surrounding the Guna caves have been attracting travellers and backpackers to this wonderful spot for a long time. If you are planning a weekend trip, Guna Cave and the surrounding destinations in Kodaikanal are a perfect choice, but to quench your curiosity for now, here is everything you need to know about Guna Caves before you visit.


The history of Guna Caves

The cave, only known among the locals prior to this discovery, was first noticed and recorded by a British officer, B.S. Ward, in 1821. He named the caves the Devil’s Kitchen, obviously due to the mysterious appearance and apparent danger the caves posed. After the discovery of B.S. Ward, the caves remained unknown to most people until the release of Kamal Hassan Classic Guna in 1991, which was shot predominantly in the caves and the surrounding area. The cave was renamed after the movie and became a famous tourist attraction in the coming years.

Though famous for its stunning beauty, since it became a famous tourist spot, Guna Caves have gained a reputation for being extremely dangerous as well. The cave is treacherous and has a lot of deep and dangerous holes, and according to records, at least 16 people have disappeared and died in the caves. The movie ‘Manjummal Boys’ depicts the events that led to the only successful rescue operation in the Guna Caves. The entrance to the cave is not open to the public or visitors due to safety concerns, but the beautiful area surrounding the cave and the view of the cave have attracted a lot of visitors since the release of the film. There are also many interesting myths and legends surrounding the caves, adding to the mystery and wonder of it all.


When to visit Guna Caves and Kodaikanal?

Like we discussed before, Guna Cave is known for its treacherousness as well as its beauty, so visiting at the right time is important to have a good experience. When the weather is too wet and cold, it is best to avoid visiting Guna Caves because the walk to the caves can be very slippery. The dry months, which are April to June and November to March, are considered the best time to visit the Guna caves. When it comes to Kodaikanal as a whole, monsoon (June to September) is not the peak season, but if you are looking for a unique experience, Kodaikanal in monsoon can surprise you. Otherwise, March to June and December to February months are considered ideal to visit the stunning destinations in Kodaikanal.


Other must-visit places in Kodaikanal

The mysterious Guna caves and the surrounding areas are a feast for the eyes; the haunting atmosphere and eerie and interesting legends and myths will give you a one-of-a-kind experience here. But apart from Guna Caves, Kodaikanal offers many other interesting and stunning destinations. Here is a list of some of the must-visit places near the Guna Caves in Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal Lake: The Kodaikanal Lake is an iconic landmark that comes to the mind of anyone who has visited here before. Surrounded by the lush green Palani Hills, the man-made Kodaikanal Lake was built during the British era. You can enjoy horseback and bicycle rides near the lake and boat rides in the lake.

Vattakanal Falls and Lion Cave: Vattakanal is a serene hill station near Kodaikanal, and one of the main tourist attractions of this area is the Vattakanal Falls. The stunning falls and surrounding area are heaven if you are a shutterbug; it is also the perfect picnic spot with friends, and if you need a calming dip in the cool water, this is the place to be. If you are not satisfied with your adventure in Kodaikanal, you can visit the Lion Cave. The Lion Cave is an offbeat destination, and to reach it, you need to trek from the waterfalls. Remember to visit here when there is light outside and mind your safety.

Pine forest: The pine forest is another iconic location you might have seen in the movie Manjummal Boys. you can take long walks through the endless woody paths here, inhale the fresh smell of pine wood, and collect dried cones as a souvenir. Being in the middle of a forest and experiencing the mystery and beauty of nature all at once is an illuminating experience. You can also take some Instagram-worthy pictures here with your friend group or family and enjoy a nice, hot masala corn.



The Bear Shola Falls, Pillar Rocks, Thalaiyar Falls, Coakers Walk, and Kukkal Caves are some of the other must-visit destinations near Kodaikanal. Trekking, horseback riding, boating, and cycling are activities travellers usually engage in when they are here. Kodaikanal is one of the most popular hillstations in Tamil Nadu, but if you feel like there is much more to explore here, check out our Tamilnadu tour packages. We are among India’s favourite travel companions, with customizable tour plans that can take you across the world. If you are keen on experiencing the gems of south India, explore our Kerala holiday packages and customize your vacation with us today


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