LET GET LOST by Anagha

Being surrounded with people with lots of positivity and gratitude with different cultural and traditional norms is one of the best way to get lost in this world . It’s not only about living in the world, rather studying ourself and living with the fullest with memories. I have been travelling since a decade and have been around the world with my backpack . I always carry a small one with my necessary clothes and stuffs so that I can wander wherever it takes me . I take pictures on my camera , the one which my grandmother gifted me since back and also my diary for my memories to note down . Being a  Keralite and also a regular traveller , I have travelled many places around my state and am extremely honoured to say that Kerala is one of the harmony state in our country with wide historic background, tasty food and flavoured aroma enriched with pleasing weather and friendly people . I took a 7 day plan to travel all the primary places in kerala so I can meet all the cultured and hidden visions of each place to recreate a lifelong reminder for my life !!



     Kochi is one of the best modernised place which is  famous for art, culture ,colonial history with a wide range of museums, church, antiques and a wide range of mouth watering food . I had an amazing stay at Travancore court organised by “ Go around the Globe “ company. The room was a peace of art and spectacular. All the staff and employees greeted me with welcoming hands and treated like their family . One of the best way to explore is walking through  Jew Street in Kochi which is noted for its antique shops which sell curious pieces of crockery,carved wooden furniture, bronze and brass sculptures, remnants of traditional houses, and jewellery. Exploring cafes that offer an array of food , heritage structures, beautiful Bungalows and the ancient Chinese fishing nets is a must try . Kerala Folklore Museum, Mattancherry Palace ,Cherai Beach , Marine Drive , Jew church are also exiciting spot to be with family and friends to chill .

    Kerala is where traditions are always a part of people and what excite us a hundred years ago is still the same even now. Kochi is the commercial club of Kerala ,with a fast growing sectors in tourism , international trade, business , Informational technology etc.




      Roads on athirappily is like an endless way which is covered with spinney trees and forest . Entry is restricted due to low civilisation at some places,  but its rich in greenary and tranquility. Vazhachal waterfall and Chapra waterfalls are situated on the way and both are cool and misty waters cascading down in the backdrop of the thick green forest and rocky terrain, are a scintillating experience to visitors and photographers.

  Thumboormuzhi , one for the best evening spot is located at Chalakudy, on the way to Athirapilly waterfalls . With a dam, butterfly garden, childrens park and hanging bridge , its a best place to chill with family and friends. I could experience silence all over and its filled with coversation between butterflies and birds. Its an ideal space for greenery and sparkling golden rays of mother nature which add its beauty.

    Athirapilly waterfalls, the largest waterfall in Kerala , is one of the famous tourist destination which is located on the way from Valparai to Chalakudi road . We parked our car down, took tickets and walked through the way . I was eagerly waiting for this enomorous flow of water and its ambience . We climbed to the top where I could see many people chatting each other and watching the flow of water which add beauty to the nature . I took some pictures in front of it and it felt like a dream for me to witness those vibrating climate . Waterfalls are like our life …. Its never ending and is always moving with an uneven flow  . It is also know as Bahubali waterfall as most of the scens were shot in the backdrops of Athirapilly . There is a small hut near the waterfall and it always stay still even during flood season, which is an unbelievable fact for the people . I heard some people leading to see viewpoint from bottom which encouraged me to join with them . We were a group of 10 people and we covered ourselves in jackets as rain started to flow . The ambience was chilling and we walked through the forest for our destination . Our guide explained about big tress and how it got affected due to flood and other calamities . Finally our wait was over and we reached at the bottom line of Athirapilly !!  Oh God, the view was erotic and beyond belief !! I could see a gingantic group of water rushing downwards like thunder . I stood there freezing in cold for a while and I couldn’t move because of the view. Its seraphic and still I feel enchanted by its beauty and its a must try destination at least one in our lifetime !!




          Heading through the narrow roads of Munnar is one of the mesmerising moments I ever had . Waves of memories splashed through my mind and a twirl of wind wishpered the magical moment I was experiencing . It was a very cold climate and the roads were covered with fog and the view turned like heaven . Munnar is famous for its landscape which is situated 1600 meters above the sea level in  Western Ghats mountain range . Tea plantation is the most ravishing part in this place which provide a variety of flavours to “ Chai “ . There are many factories for tea and chocolates which is also a spot for day visit . We could see many street vendors which provide fresh carrots, spices, sweet corn , freshly picked flowers and homemade food . Top station offers a panaromic view of landscape and this area is popular for the rare Neelakurinji flowers which blooms once in twelve years and is  breathtaking !! One could get an excellent sight of these flowers from Kovillur, Kadavari, Rajamala and Eravikulam, which is also the home of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. On top station I could see a beam of light coming from far and it sparkled through my eyes like a golden beam .. I could see my goosebumps trickling me with wonders and it felt really supernatural !! On my way back I recollects the split seconds which I experienced and that was utterly enough for me to calm myself . I also covered some major spots like Mattupetty dam ,Rajamali , Kundala lake ,Eco point which recreated more beauty and perception.




   I had travelled to this place since my childhood and its been a while exploring it . The weather is same like Munnar, with extreme cold and fog but the roads were covered with grassy hills and pine trees which offer activities like paragliding, rock climbing, trekking and mountaining. This is a peaceful spot with less crowd than any other place . Waking up in the midst of morning with warm cold climate give us a calm morning . We had our tea and walked through the plantation around our resort . Its a heaven for diverse species of birds and the lust green is an alluring vision of happiness . We could experience the change in climate and it was a neutral form , not too hot nor cold. We headed towards Parunthumpara,literally know as the eagle rock is a delight to trekkers , were we climbed on the hilly mountain with an endless stretch of rugged forest . I got tired and out of breathe for a while and took a nap in the plain medow . Beam of light touched me all over my face and asked me to continue my journey to experince the illuminious cascade. Sabrimala pilgrims often visit this place to witness makarajyothi,making it a busy station during pilgrimage season.




     Aleppy is often called the Venice of the East due to the canals that connect to the backwaters of Kerala .Houseboat cruising through the backwaters was one of the top in my bucket list and it offers a paradise which started eventful , but turned out to be worthy that one could never ever forget in his life .The skies were painted blue by the endless waters with clear skies and it felt like a sought of energetic vibe and peace . They offered sea food with traditional dishes which gave those natural flavours . The best part of this journey was the view. I took my seat in front of the houseboat with a cup of tea , sipping in between and enjoying the calmness in front of me .I was surrounded with water and small flowers that bloomed in colours . That was amazing !! Cold breeze and chirping of birds made the moment more memorable .

At the Vanaswargam-Kalathiveedu road, you can witness this farm wrapped in bright yellow sunflower. Its hard to imagine such a wonderful place untouched by tourist . Sunflowers on both the sides of Alapuzha bypass road welcome us  which is a true peice of art by a young farmer Sujith. The view is stunning where the sunflowers keep their heads high with pride and the wind twirl them in dancing form wrapping a gift from God. This not only implies the beauty but also a source of revenue to our country .



     Jatayus Earth Center, worlds largest earth center is located here and is a home for bird sculpture. People reach there through cable car, and a multitude of adventures waits there including 6D theatre,games, log walk , vertical ladder  in the backdrops of the breathtaking view of nature. The monument statue of Jatayus resting on the hill captures attention of  people even from far as it is massive and promotes mythology.

Munroe island at kollam is another such place that we should never miss !! You can cruise the backwater , drink a cup of tea sitting on a plantation , relax on a beach or do some fishing in a very relaxing weather . The famous Kallada boat race is held here during Onam season which is an important event for keralites.

       Kollam beach , Astamudi lake , Neendakara fish harbour and Varkala cliff are some of the interesting tourist place to visit .



      The Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the state of Kerala, India is renowned for its beauty and grandeur. The entry to the temple is free and is the wealthiest place of worship in the world. Shangumugham beach , Museum, Zoo and Rock cut cave temple are the places which is not missed by tourist.

  Agasthyarkooda is one of the peaks in Western Ghats of Thiruvananthapuram district. It is known for more than a 2000 species including flaura , fauna, lichens,orchids, mosses , ferns , medicinal plants etc . Its completely a mysterious journey at first climbing through the rocks in the dense forest . Visitors after clearing some formalities are only allowed to do trekking and experience the wildness. I carried a bag with food and water with some mates along with me . To be frank, it was hilarious and interesting . We have to climb rocks , walk through narrow edges and  the moment was scary . Its one of the best experience I ever had . We sat for a while near a waterfall and had our food and continued. We could see a variety of plants and huge trees since decades. The exiciting part is when you reach the  view point which is mesmerising and is not seen in any parts of the world .Its massive and we feel like to crawl through the roads as we became tired and  worn out . Trekking at Agasthyarkoodam is perfect for those who seek unforgettable memories in terrain or others who wish to live free from worldly woes in this world .The place can bring you  lifelong cherishing memories to wildlife lovers and passionate trekkers. Its also a best option for wildlife photographers.


I packed my bag stuffing each thing i brought from home to wave a good bye from everything i accomplised. This was the best 7 days of my life which not only gave me an adventure, but also taught me what life means . I met many people, their life style where i found my inner sense of power and wisdom. Travel is a form of therapy and this was an unforgettable moment of my life. I would like to thank “ Go around the globe company” for supporting me , as they took the initative to plan irinary from my pickup from Airport and droping me back serving me like their own member . They took me safely and was available over a call and I apperatiate the patience and professionalism received ,wishing them to grow in flying colours !!. Everything that i planned came to life and i  hope people travel out of their comfort zone and inspire to see, taste and try new things with a smile as long as you like .

Bon Voyage !!


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