Best Kerala Tourist Places to Visit in June

Kerala, the gods’ own country, has always fascinated backpackers across the world with its unique beauty and versatile landscapes. But monsoon is a season that can transform your regular tourist experience in Kerala into something more, something magical! The monsoon in India, especially in Kerala, is a unique and magical season. The scorching summer sun is slowly replaced by dark rain clouds that float above the mountains in Kerala when June arrives. The earthly petrichor scent after the first rain fills everyone's heart, and soon Kerala transforms into a paradise coloured in a thousand shades of green. If you are a monsoon lover who enjoys unique travel experiences, Kerala in June will be a treat for your eyes and heart. So here is a list of the best Kerala tourist places to visit in June.


Kerala in June

Before we dive into the list of the best tourist places to visit in June, let's discuss what you can expect in Kerala in June in terms of weather and travel ease. From June to September, Kerala experiences monsoons, and during this time, you won't have to suffer from the scorching summer heat and humidity because the weather cools down and is quite pleasant and even chilly when it rains. In June, there are days in which it rains all day, pleasant sunny days, and days in which there is a mixture of rain and sunshine. But regardless of the state of the sky, there is always something to do and enjoy in Kerala.

The mesmerizing beauty and diversity of Kerala landscapes are famed across the world, but in June, you will witness an even more impressive side of nature here. The monsoon brings out the raw, unadulterated beauty of Kerala, and if you are a shutterbug who loves moody and cozy frames, Kerala in June is the heaven you have been searching for. June is an ideal time to visit Kerala for adventure lovers too, as there are so many water sports and crazy adventures you can experience here during the beginning of the monsoon. You can also get huge discounts when it comes to resorts and stays in June because it’s off-season. Now let's explore some of the best Kerala tourist places to visit in June.



The serene backwaters of Alleppey are the first image that pops into most people’s minds when they think of Kerala. Known as the Venice of the East, Alleppey is stunning in June, and the mesmerizing view of rain drizzling in the lakes and waterways as you cruise through them in your houseboat is a worthy experience for sure. You can also enjoy local festivals like the famous snake boat races conducted during this time of the year.



Munnar is one of the most popular hill stations in all of south India, and it is one of the best Kerala tourist places to visit in June too. The lush green tea plantations, beautiful roads, waterfalls, stunning views, and unique flora and fauna have all made Munnar a paradise for tarvellers who are in search of beauty and peace. If you visit in June, you can see the waterfalls really come alive and the hills turn into a vibrant shade of emerald green. If you are in search of a cozy destination to spend your vacation, nothing gets more cozy than Munnar in the rain. Imagine staying in a treehouse resort in the middle of tea plantations and forests and sipping on hot tea when it drizzles gently outside! If you like that imagery, pack your bags for Munnar this June.



If you are a lover of the raw beauty of nature, Wayanad is one of the most stunning, magical woodlands you can never miss in Kerala. Here you can witness wild animals in their natural habitat, enjoy the serene, untouched raw beauty of nature, take a dip in natural ponds in the middle of woods, and experience the wonderful culture of people who live closer to nature and taste the delicious cuisine. The drizzling rain in June brings out the freshness and new life in Wayanad, and it creates a unique experience for anyone who visits during this time. If you love to take photos, you can go back from Wayanad with some of the most stunningly beautiful landscape shots you have ever taken if you are visiting in June.


Athirappilly waterfalls

There might be only a few people in India who have not seen the magnificent Athirapilly waterfalls on screen because it was a location for superhit movies like Bahubali and Guru and has stolen the hearts of many viewers with its majestic beauty. The Athirappilly waterfalls is among the best Kerala tourist places to visit in June because, after the first rain of the year, you can really witness the waterfall coming alive in its full might and beauty. The forest surrounding the waterfall also features a huge range of flora and fauna, including some endangered species. You can enjoy adventures, trekking, picnics, and forest walks here and take  beautiful pictures.



One thing about Kerala that travellers across the world especially love is that wherever you turn the camera, there is something stunning to capture. The monsoon that starts in June truly adds to this beauty and brings out all the vibrant hues of Kerala to the surface. So if you are ready to spend your June in this heaven on earth, check out our Kerala tour packages. We are one of the most loved travel companions operating in South India, offering customizable packages around the world. We wish to transform our trips from a mere tourist experience into something more meaningful and memorable. So, connect with us and learn more about our Kerala family holiday packages. Let's plan your vacation!


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